Gabriel Conners

Stay awesome.

My Philosophy

There lives a basic standard of value that rests upon each person by virtue of our shared struggle and celebration of existence. This value I strive to realize in every encounter.

Each of us has an epic written on our heart, a limitless creative ability to discover, share, and usher some new expression into the world.

Creative Process: Powered by inspiration and perspective.

When we come together to refine, support, and encourage the ideas and creative potential of others, we unlock the rapid development of collective vision, where individual ideas are able to thrive in the commons because of the varied perspectives that helped to shape them.

Epic of Potential:

Derived from existence, it is cause for a ceaseless dance, a constant celebration of our heart and dreams.

This dance is born of love: a deep assurance that the life we embody is a beautiful thing.

The more we come to consider the revolutionary power of love, the greater love’s revolution becomes.

It’s not about me,
It’s not even about our potential,
But it is about the celebration.
The dance,
The love.

My Projects

The collective celebration of creation, where a multitude of voices respectfully influence decisions, is what I view as co-creation. The art of inspiring co-creation in a community is the “secret sauce” that powers the conceptual design behind all of my projects.

This first project is an experiment to map the ebbs and flows of this art.

Consider each project as a component or series of components that may be rearranged or successively combined to enable projects that follow. As with any greater architecture, the whole depends on the soundness of the foundational pieces and methods within. The thesis woven through all the projects in my life is the activation of creativity as currency: how tapping an infinite wellspring can build wealth into any community.

iXc : ideaXchange

Experimental Question:

How do we activate existing social and professional network ties of a community into an effective, distributed think tank?

What is it?

It is an open think tank consisting of all solutions-driven members of the Illinois Tech community who come together to solve challenges, share resources, and gain team-based experience.

Why am I doing this?

For the Illinois Tech Community:

There are a lot of groups and initiatives around campus that are facing a variety of issues with knowledge and resources limited to the group or individual. When brought together, the collective braintrust of the Illinois Tech community can quickly resolve or connect challenges to the resources needed for resolution. In like fashion, concepts from the vast ocean of ideas floating around this community can be focused, gain strategic structure, and benefit from development teams as a result of introducing them into a common think tank.

For my long-term work:

It will inform foundational aspects of grassroots-driven community development programs

Community Service Ecosystem

Prevailing Question:

How can we provide to students a comprehensive suite of service opportunities which build measurable and industry-relevant capacities?

At the same time, how can we provide to community partners a suite of student-led offerings to benefit the greater function and effectiveness of the partner in achieving its goals?